When the dancer disappears, the dance remains...

Leading to the dance of heart...

Sarakasi’s in-house training and choreography team develops dance and acrobatic shows on client’s creative specifications as well as Sarakasi shows involving and fusing all performance disciplines. The dome is also well equiped venue with spaces for hire and other social amenities to fit clients needs

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Products & Services

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Sarakasi Dome Hire
  • Auditorium (1500 PAX)
  • Dance Studio (50 PAX)
  • Foyer (100 PAX)
  • 3Br Apartment (6 PAX)
  • Roof Top (100 PAX)
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Customized Client Shows
  • 18yrs Experience
  • The Best Choreographers & Show Producers
  • Proffessionally Trained Dancers & Acrobats
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Residential Apartments
  • 3 Bedroom
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Fully Furnished
  • Wifi & Parking
  • 6 Occupants PAX
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Guest Tours
  • Learn About Different Dances
  • Experience Different Cultures
  • Watch A Showcase Performance
  • Drummingworkshops
  • Karibu Kenya
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Kids Programme
  • Sartudays 9am-1pm
  • Ages 4yrs – 12yrs
  • 4 Main Courses
  • All Week During School Holidays
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School Programs
  • Lower Primary To Universities
  • Workshops
  • Dance & Acrobatics
  • Social Circus Games etc
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  • Sartudays 9am-1pm
  • Ages 4yrs – 12yrs
  • 4 Main Courses
  • All Week During School Holidays
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Private Classes
  • Dance classes
  • Aerobics Classes
  • Acrobatics Classes
  • Early Mornings or Late Evenings
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The dancers cover a range of disciplines that include traditional dance, African contemporary, salsa, hip hop, street dance, jazz, and other modern contemporary dance, modern traditional dances, bollywood forms. Our acrobats are specialized in human pyramids, summersaults, balancing acts, hoops, limbo, fire acts, tight rope, pole/ pagan, clowning, aerial hoops, aerial silks, short trapeze and much more.

  • Practice like you’ve never won
  • Perform like you’ve never lost
  • Dancing with the feet is one thing…
  • Dancing with your heart is quite another…

Dance Choreographers

Edwin Odhiambo

Sylvester Ondige

Oscar Mwalo

Ted Walukwe

Agnes Kiunga

Music Lessons

Sylvester Ondiege & Ted Walukwe

Acrobatic Trainer

John Washika

Drumming Lessons

Sylvester Ondiege & Ted Walukwe


The people who make Sarakasi possible

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The Board of Trustees governs the Trust by providing strategic direction, formulating and approving policies and decisions, providing overall leadership, supporting the management team and being publicly accountable for the activities of the organization. Furthermore the Board strengthens the organization by being actively involved in fundraising and networking in order for the Trust to become financially sustainable. The Board of Trustees meets a minimum of four times a year.

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Sarakasi Trustees

  • Marion Op het Veld (Co-Founder, Managing Director)
  • Mechtild van den Hombergh
  • Sheba Hirst
  • Wilfred Nderitu   
  • Kevin van Dijck

Sarakasi Team

  • Marion Op het Veld: Managing Director
  • Lillian Mwari: Finance and Operations Manager
  • Lillian Nakhumicha: Accountant
  • Edwin Odhiambo: Creative Manager/ Choreographer
  • John Washika: Acrobatic Trainer
  • Kevin Omolo: Manager Smiles for Change Project
  • James Mwangi: Facility manager
  • Cleaning Team
  • Jorim Migango, Jane Karanja, Vivian Ajwang’.
  • Security Team
  • Stephen Munywa, Boniface Mwangi, John Gathegi, Ken.

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