The organization not only stands for training and capacity building (and related programs and activities) in the performing arts. It also has become a social entrepreneur by creating marketable products and programs that, through income, better the lives of its participants and the trust (revenues flow back into activities). Furthermore, the Trusts activities have an impact on the society at large: directly through certain activities that target the society and also indirectly by empowering and educating its participants and other affiliates to become independent and responsible citizens. Lastly, the organization operates in a transparent manner with solid structures and policies and as such sets an example (and has been an incubator) to like-minded activities and organizations.

This way, the organization facilitates performance opportunities for hundreds of performers in its Performance contracts program which provides vital income for the artists as well as exposure to a broader world view.

Sarakasi has a pool of more than 100 professional artists-dancers and acrobats managed by the trust, they have traveled across the world to places like China, USA, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, UK among others and are well known nationally and regionally. You can book them through the office. Through Sarakasi’s artist managing agency, a group of roughly 75 young artists is covered.

Our social entrepreneurship activities include:
  • Dancers and acrobats
  • Choreographic as per client’s creative brief;
  • Personal training in dance and acrobatics either at the Dome or elsewhere;
  • Hires out spaces (i.e. rooftop cocktail venue, foyer café venue, the hall for concerts, workshops and other events);
  • Sarakasi negotiates international gigs for dancers, acrobats and even musicians;
  • Assists performing artists with their legal paperwork;
  • Partners and incubates new and related activities;
  • Partners with third parties for events

For more information on training, exchanges, and performances, please contact the Sarakasi Trust or pass by at the Sarakasi Dome and ask for the creative office department.

Our choreographers can customize shows for your events and functions.

Other Projects

Over the years Sarakasi has implemented many projects. Most projects come and go with available funding or even trends and needs.

Talanta na Kazi

This project is funded by the U.S. Embassy Nairobi and was designed to use the arts as a vehicle to promote social change and economic empowerment among vulnerable youth in the coastal region.

Smiles for Change

Smiles for Change, formerly known as the Sarakasi Trust Hospital Project started in 2006 as an educative artistic intervention.

Training & Capacity Building

From its inception (2001), Sarakasi has built a solid platform for developing East Africa’s natural performing talents into a world-class school for the performing arts.

International Exchanges

Sarakasi identifies festivals, performance schools and programs/contracts throughout the world and partners/networks with them to improve performance skills.

Audience Building

In order to create platforms for Sarakasi’s performing artists, projects and other stakeholders and to reach out to a diverse audience, Sarakasi initiated its audience-building program in 2003 by starting to organize small and big scale creative productions and events.