Sarakasi Trust responds to the need for the further development and promotion of culture, performing arts and entertainment in East Africa focusing on acrobatics, dance and music.

Sarakasi, established in Nairobi in 2001, strives to empower its trainees and contracted artists creatively and economically by giving them tools to manage their art, lives and careers more effectively and successfully.

The Trust aims to present the best of Kenyan creativity to the widest possible audience by organizing festivals and events, cultural exchanges, local and international performance contracts and tours. Sarakasi also provides social development, training and capacity building and cultural awareness programs, and in addition implements special programs such as the Talanta training (involving hearing impaired and deaf performing artists), the Smiles for Change Project (bringing edutainment to hospitalized children and children in homes and remand homes), monthly musicians workshops, Artist Agency, and the implementation of its own cultural agenda at the Sarakasi Dome, in Nairobi, its office, rehearsal and performance venue.

Organizational Structure

The Sarakasi Trust governance and management structure are made up of a Board of Trustees, a Management Team made up of a Managing Director, Finance and Operational Manager and a Creative Manager who is also the choreographer. Each manager is responsible for its own program implementation including appropriate staff.

The staff under the supervision of the Management Team and under the end responsibility of the Managing Director undertakes the day-to-day operations in the office, the indoor training as well as in the ‘field’ (outreach training centers, outreach projects, etc) and project management (of the several projects). The organization promotes a team-based management structure, with a view to jointly reach targets, to enhance accomplishments as well as shared objectives and accountability to the organization and its key stakeholders.