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Experiencing election anxiety? A message of peace and things you can do to avoid the rabbit hole

Written by: Anne Wanyoike.

So, we are here once again as a nation, faced with a decision to make. We get to decide who will be responsible to take us through the next five years in the trajectory and history of our country.

In case you are probably dealing with feelings of uncertainty about the outcome of this election here is a list of five things that you can do to let off that election anxiety. P.s; this is a guide into what we shall be doing at Sarakasi Trust- it’s simply the artists’ way.

  1. Just dance;

You don’t have to move to the beat, you don’t have to know the lyrics of the song, you don’t even have to have a song to dance. All you have to do is get up and move to any rhythm around you. We are professional dancers, and one rule that we live by here at Sarakasi Trust is: No matter the situation, just dance.

  • Join a dance class;

There is something so special about being in a social circle, doing an energy driven activity such as dance sessions. It gives off a feeling of sheltering and belonging, as if anything is possible.  Well well well, we wouldn’t be fair to ourselves or to you if we didn’t plug ourselves through this piece right here. Now that we are talking about it, allow me to introduce our latest installment: Dance Fitness with Edu the Coach is coming up on the 22/8/2022 at Sarakasi Dome, with the very well renowned Coach Edu. Don’t say that there are no dance classes anywhere to join in, make plans and join us. For more information, click the link below:

  • Meditation;

You have probably heard psychologists or professionals saying that mediation helps a great deal with releasing anxiety. Try going into calmer spaces and recesses of your mind through mediation this season.

  • Reduce your screen time;

We live in a very technologically connected world, with so many noises and voices. The best advice would be shoved down your throat about how you need to be in the know and get with the times, however we ought to find some semblance. Try plugging off a little, get in touch with yourself, beyond by external environment, social media, the news and other ever noisy sources of too much information.

  • Be in nature, take a walk or engage in any physical activity;

Instead of focusing on the elections and so much about the politicking around you, go out and try to be in nature. Forest walks have proven to be great avenues for people to let out steam in most cases. I know of a group of therapists that hold “Nature Therapy”. This is the practice of merging psychological and natural interventions to bring healing to those in need of it. (which we all need I guess)

As we go into the general elections, may we fixate on the fact that peace is a state of being. That it is possible to hold peaceful elections in Kenya. May we get out of this season stronger. We are all one tribe, one race, one people and that message and ideology must prevail!  Sarakasi Trust stands for peace!

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