Here’s why we should all join “Dance Fitness with Edu the Coach” at Sarakasi Dome

Written by: Anne Wanyoike.

I got a chance to sit down with Sarakasi Trust’s Creative Manager and Lead Choreographer CoachEdu, as he informs us of the latest project that we are taking on: “Dance Fitness with Edu the coach”. You have probably heard it said before in fitness circles, “Ditch the workout, join the dance party”. Well, that is exactly what you are about to experience at Sarakasi’s latest installation, that is: “Stay fit with Coach Edu”

The fun-filled activity is set to be launched on Monday the 22nd of August 2022 and shall be taking place every Monday to Friday as from 5:30 pm to 7pm at the Sarakasi Dome. (located along Ngara Road, opposite Ngara Posta Office) For more information about Sarakasi Trust click the link below,https://sarakasi.org/. Fitness and dance workouts have always been a fan favorite among fitness enthusiasts, but we especially witnessed a spike in this trend, when the Pandemic hit. “Most people have not quite reset from how things used to flow before the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, and specifically when it comes to getting physical activities to do. We saw an opportunity to engage our clients and dance and fitness enthusiasts in a fun-filled exercise, that would both solve the problem of boredom but also get everyone who joins in physically fit” Coach Edu expresses.

The tagline of our program is Fun, Fitness and Finesse. This was carefully crafted by our marketing department, as these are the key components that we shall be selling to our clients. We want everyone who participates in our dance and fitness sessions to experience value through making them extra special and have fun while doing it. One may then wonder, what the benefits of joining the dance fitness session are. Well, there are a couple of benefits to this practice which include:Fun: It is absolutely fun to be in a dance fitness class. Simply put, there are many ways to have fun and ours tops the list!

Fitness through body toning: It is a great way of toning your body as it employs different rhythmic devices such as music for cardio, muscle, leg and arm movements. This is an opportunity provided especially for those that find it hard to actually work out in a gym.

 It is healthy: It’s a form of exercise in itself, therefore great for the heart rate and especially mental health. Most people battling depression are usually encouraged to involve themselves in physical activities, as it helps clear out their minds.

Networking opportunities and making new friends: There are places and spaces that one is not guaranteed to ever be in, with a certain caliber of people. The fact that dance fitness classes offer a platform for social interaction, it gives one an upper hand in increasing their opportunities for social growth, expansion and networking.

Weight loss: Dance fitness has been proven as an effective method of losing weight just as working out in the gym does.

Having covered the benefits of dance fitness classes as is, one thing remains- you! We promise it is going to be business unusual, great music, great people and great vibes. See
you at Sarakasi Dome on the 22nd of August at 5:30 pm, where fun meets fitness and finesse.

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