Over the years Sarakasi has implemented many projects. Most projects come and go with available funding or even trends and needs. Some activities still linger in our memories like Wapi or the Hip Hop Hook up, which both were Hip Hop talent spotting platforms for the youth. Another activity that has been with us for years is the Amani Lazima project, which first started as a community circus after the post-election violence of 2007/2008 but grew into a talent spotting and training activity that ran till 2017. The last memorable activity is the annual Sawa Sawa Festival which was highlighting themes and every year from anti-corruption to the new constitution. The last episode was held in 2016. These projects include:

Smiles for Change

Talanta na Kazi

Social Entrepreneurship

Training and Capacity Building

International Exchanges

Audience Building Programme

Panga Sanaa

Creative Arts Spaces in Kenya (CASiK)