Sarakasi Trust is a performing arts development organization working towards building capacity in the arts sector in Kenya. The Trust works as a mechanism for culture for development by effecting actual demonstrable transformation in the livelihoods of young people from low-income backgrounds and neighborhoods, by expanding their scope, networks and capacity through performance-based training, exchange programs and contracts and special projects that influence the young artist’s ability to reach a high level of professionalism and thus access a sustainable income.

Whereas Africa is often associated with negative impressions related to the human suffering caused by armed conflicts, natural disasters, health and environmental problems, mismanagement and corruption, Sarakasi promotes the different side of the African continent and people: the beautiful, vibrant, energetic, talented and inspiring men, women and children and culture and the arts as an expression of life, hope and creativity.

Sarakasi aims to support positive developments among the deprived members of society and actively supports performers to take their social responsibility within their own communities. Therefore it supports and creates ownership of the performers for its projects and activities. To that effect, Sarakasi promotes the establishment and formation of groups of performing artists (acrobats, dancers, musicians) who are trained by associated groups or individual performers turned trainers/choreographers. Sarakasi supports training at various locations in the urban settlements of Nairobi.

Sarakasi actively searches for local talent that shows interest and capabilities for further development and training in related arts. Sarakasi promotes further development and promotion of the art of acrobatics, dance and music, by inviting trainers and experts from other parts of the world to visit (East) Africa and provide education and training in these arts. Furthermore, Sarakasi provides opportunities for performers for training and skills development elsewhere.