Our artists benefit from various international networks and partnerships, that we have managed to secure over the years. The mode through which we work this out is by identifying performance hubs, programs, centers and schools overseas, who express their interest in creating job opportunities for our professional artists. 
Our artists have worked across the globe,  in collaboration with circus centers such as Circo e Dintorni, with the close partnership of Circus History Professor Alessandro Serena. Currently we have two acrobatics groups from Sarakasi Trust namely: the Black Blues Brothers and the Warriors Acrobats, as well as two solo acts, Winnie Mugure and Marcello Godwin who shall be based in Italy for the most part of their stay abroad, while traveling across the world for various performances.
Highlights from such performances include performing before The Pope and Queen Elizabeth.

The international exchange program  spans over two decades, with testimonials and impact stories from artists who work their way out of poverty, crime, unemployment among other social challenges.

Speaking to a Seif, a member of the world renowned and fan favorite Black Blues Brothers, he expresses,  “I never thought that I would have had the many opportunities that I have had so far, were it not for the mentorship and chance that I got from Sarakasi Trust. I have performed in well over 300 cities globally, and I am just so grateful for the international exchange program…”

Circus History Professor Alessandro Serena during his Kenyan tour on May 2022.

While executing this program, we also engage performance experts, performers, instructors, trainers and choreographers who offer
supplementary training, alongside what we already train our artists in.


We thank our partners and friends, particularly Mr. Alessandro Serena for a long standing relationship with us, for creating endless possibilities for our artists internationally. While on tour in Kenya on May 2022, he remarked, ” It has been my pleasure to work with Sarakasi Trust for over two decades, because of the outstanding discipline that you instill in the artists. It is remarkable what you guys have been able to do for the industry, and it is my hope that we shall continue working together, because the horizon is wide enough to accommodate more….”

 Circus Professor, Mr. Alessandro Serena takes a photo with our team. 

We hope to keep creating more of these opportunities for our artists, especially because this work aligns with our vision of empowering more youth, both economically and socially.

Excitingly , the Black Blues Brothers latest  performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival sent fans jaws dropping, with their world class performance finesse! 

Courtesy of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

The Edinburgh Festival is notably the world’s largest arts festival, where art practitioners  have been congregating since 1947, for a wide range of artistic ensembles. 

The Black Blues Brothers pose for a photo at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2022. 


Coach Edu in the creation process, prior to international exchange program.

Other Projects

Over the years Sarakasi has implemented many projects. Most projects come and go with available funding or even trends and needs.

Talanta na Kazi

This project is funded by the U.S. Embassy Nairobi and was designed to use the arts as a vehicle to promote social change and economic empowerment among vulnerable youth in the coastal region.

Smiles for Change

Smiles for Change, formerly known as the Sarakasi Trust Hospital Project started in 2006 as an educative artistic intervention.

Social Entrepreneurship

The organization not only stands for training and capacity building (and related programs and activities) in the performing arts.

Training & Capacity Building

From its inception (2001), Sarakasi has built a solid platform for developing East Africa’s natural performing talents into a world-class school for the performing arts.

Audience Building

In order to create platforms for Sarakasi’s performing artists, projects and other stakeholders and to reach out to a diverse audience, Sarakasi initiated its audience-building program in 2003 by starting to organize small and big scale creative productions and events.