Kids' Program

The Sarakasi Kids Program was initiated in order to respond to the need of creating sustainability and longevity within the performance arts landscape in Kenya. We believe that it is vital to create and invest in the next generation of performing artists, if we are to remain afloat as an industry.

We also recognize that the creative economy shall be the next frontier and employer for most of Africa’s youth, which is only noble that we prepare for these endless opportunities.

We routinely train kids of ages 4-17 years in dance and acrobatics, hula hoop, ballet, contemporary arts etc,

The program also includes games and stage work and this way your child will not only become good at performing the dance and acrobatics skills, they learn also learn confidence, body stamina, listening to directions, etc. During school holidays we offer the same program throughout the week.

Saturdays:  9am-1pm

Location : Sarakasi Dome, Opposite to Ngara Posta Office, along Ngara Road.

Ages: 4 – 17 years

Charges: Kshs 300/- per child.