It is Sarakasi’s aim and practice to promote public awareness, appreciation and access to acrobatics, music and dance. Sarakasi furthermore aims to develop contemporary choreographic creation and supports the presentation and diffusion of performance work; supports training research and innovation in acrobatics, music, dance and theatre; fosters cultural exchange and cross-disciplinary collaboration in the arts; and supports the infrastructure for the development of acrobatics, music, dance, etc. Sarakasi aims to promote its objectives in East Africa and beyond and in this way, to further the social, economic and cultural development of society.

From Sarakasi’s philosophical point of view, our model for culture for development straddles every aspect of life. We go beyond the world-class acrobatics, dance and music training and exchange programs and commit ourselves to the social, professional and economic development of our artists. Our spirited endeavor remains set on providing them with skill sets and information that will catalyze their long-term social and economic transformation and inclusion in society.

Whereas Africa is often associated with negative impressions related to the human suffering caused by armed conflicts, natural disasters, health and environmental problems, mismanagement and corruption, Sarakasi promotes the different side of the African continent and people: the beautiful, vibrant, energetic, talented and inspiring men, women and children and culture and the arts as an expression of life, hope and creativity.