Talanta na Amani


na amani: nakuru edition

‘Talanta na Amani’, which is Swahili for ‘Talent and Peace’ is a Social Arts Development Course/ Project powered through a partnership between Sarakasi Trust and our sponsor, the U.S. Embassy Nairobi where 100 talented youth are currently being taken through vigorous soft and hard skill training for eight months, beginning January 2022.
The project hopes to mitigate gang violence, unemployment and other social issues that young people face within Nakuru County.

The course centers the arts for the promotion of peaceful coexistence and social change. We believe that the arts are a powerful tool in creating the world that we want to see, and the fact that young people are endowed with untapped talent, skills and potential, we perceive that impact among the youth and their immediate communities will be experienced as an outcome of this project.

Speaking during the launch, the Cultural Attache’ from the US Embassy Nairobi Mr. Christopher Machin remarked, ” The project will  create a platform for using the arts for dialogue and expression, while creating employment to the participants…”

Between the months of January and March 2022, we have been able to take the participants through the topics of Communication, Leadership, Marketing strategies and Intellectual Property. The Social Arts Development Course was carefully developed to prepare the 21st century artists into level-headed active citizens, that think and act beyond their artistry; in an attempt to contribute to the greater society.

Many thanks to our partners, the US Embassy Nairobi for funding the Project and the American Corner Nakuru for hosting us. 

Other Projects

Over the years Sarakasi has implemented many projects. Most projects come and go with available funding or even trends and needs.


This project is funded by the U.S. Embassy Nairobi and was designed to use the arts as a vehicle to promote social change and economic empowerment among vulnerable youth in the coastal region.


The organization not only stands for training and capacity building (and related programs and activities) in the performing arts.


From its inception (2001), Sarakasi has built a solid platform for developing East Africa’s natural performing talents into a world-class school for the performing arts.


Sarakasi identifies festivals, performance schools and programs/contracts throughout the world and partners/networks with them to improve performance skills.


In order to create platforms for Sarakasi’s performing artists, projects and other stakeholders and to reach out to a diverse audience, Sarakasi initiated its audience-building program in 2003 by starting to organize small and big scale creative productions and events.