Audience Building program

In order to create platforms for our performing artists and other stakeholders and to reach out to a diverse audience, Sarakasi initiated its Audience-Building Program in 2003.

This program includes Sarakasi events, showcases and festivals either at the Sarakasi Dome or at other platforms. 


As such, Sarakasi has become famous for the Sawa Sawa Festivals (between 2006 and 2016), it has hosted the WAPI monthly platform (between 2012 and 3014) and the monthly Hip Hop Hook Up (between 2014 and 2016) which were the blue print for other activities like Amani Lazima and Sound in Motion workshops for artists.

Sarakasi has partnered with many local and regional platforms; most recently (in 2022) through a program called CASiK (Creative Arts Spaces in Kenya and funded by the French Embassy) where Sarakasi artists showcased a production called ‘Mother Nature’ in Kisumu (Dunga Hill Camp) and Nakuru (Nakuru Players Theatre).

CASiK furthermore has invested in Sarakasi’s infrastructure by donating sound and lights and also by training Sarakasi staff the technicalities of the same as well as training in marketing; crowd control and more. 


Sarakasi creates, directs and curates its own creative/ cultural agenda at the Sarakasi Dome; signature events are the recurring Circus event with Deejay Kace and the Sarakasi fusion dance/ acrobatic shows.

For more information on training, local and international exchanges, bookings and performances, please contact  Sarakasi Trust or pass by Sarakasi Dome along Ngara Road in Nairobi. You can also reach us on +254 722 814 133 or send us an email at

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