Sarakasi the Institution & Social Entrepreneur

The organization has created marketable products and programs that, through income, better the lives of its participants and bring income to the Trust (revenues flow back into its core budget to fund activities and programs).

This way the trusts activities have an impact on the society at large: directly through certain activities that target the society and also indirectly by empowering and educating its participants and other affiliates to become independent and responsible citizens. Lastly, the organization operates in a transparent manner with solid structures and policies and as such sets an example (and has been an incubator) to like-minded activities and organizations.


The organization facilitates performance opportunities for hundreds of performers in its Performance contracts program which provides vital income for the artists as well as exposure to a broader world view.


Sarakasi has a pool of more than 100 professional artists-dancers and acrobats, they have traveled across the world to places like China, USA, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, UK among others and are well known nationally and regionally.


You can book them through the office. Through Sarakasi’s artist managing agency, a group of roughly 75 young artists is covered.

Sarakasi artists have worked across the globe, in collaboration with circus centers such as Circo e Dintorni, with the close partnership of Circus History Professor Alessandro Serena.


Currently we have two acrobatics groups from Sarakasi Trust namely: the Black Blues Brothers and the Warriors Acrobats, as well as two solo acts, Winnie Mugure and Marcello Godwin who shall be based in Italy for the most part of their stay abroad, while traveling across the world for various performances.

Highlights from such performances include performing before The Pope and Queen Elizabeth.

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