Training & Capacity Building

From its inception (2001), Sarakasi has built a solid training and capacity building platform for developing performing talents into a world-class school for the performing arts.

From its base at Sarakasi Dome in Nairobi, the Trust runs daily training programs for its affiliated dancers and acrobats. Sarakasi’s many capacity building programs include hard and soft skill training programs.


Hard skills are the actual technical performing art skills while the soft skills include life skill training sessions around subjects like productive health, personal financing/ budgeting, cultural diversity, intellectual property, leadership, social media, strategy planning, business skills and so on. These are mostly organized on a need basis or as part of a special program (i.e. under a grant).


Sarakasi has developed its own training manuals (curricula) for soft skill training purposes.
From its base at Sarakasi Dome in Nairobi Kenya, the Trust runs daily training programs for over 50 dancers and 30 acrobats.

The dancers cover a range of disciplines that include traditional dance, African contemporary, salsa, hip hop, street dance, jazz, modern contemporary, modern traditional, Bollywood dance among others. Sarakasi’s acrobats are specialized in human pyramids, somersaults, balancing acts, hoops, limbo, fire acts, tight rope, pole/ pagan, clowning, aerial hoops, aerial silks, short trapeze and much more. The Sarakasi brand is built on a fusion of the two.


Part of the trainings include giving forward into the communities or being engaged as peer trainers in other Sarakasi designed interventions.
We would like to acknowledge our partner Safaricom PLC for sponsoring our Training and Capacity Building Program by powering the artist training initiative post COVID.

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