Wezesha Wanadada (2023)

An intervention by Sarakasi Trust in Meru County where 120 vulnerable women at grassroots level meet empowered women through public dialogue platform forums, capacity building workshops, network and self-awareness sessions in order to create safe communities where women can stand up for themselves against Gender Based Violence.

The program started in January 2023 and will run for one year. The goal of this intervention is to expose and involve vulnerable women to community platforms on a monthly basis where they meet, share, connect, interact and exchange with Nairobi and Meru based women leaders, emerging voices and social influencers from private, civil and public sector in order to gain life skills and crucial knowledge to create awareness on Gender Based Violence.


It is envisaged that this activity will build the women’s capacities to work towards their personal independence and to also build and sustain safe communities and safe spaces for women and girls at risk of Gender Based Violence (GBV).

This intervention will focus on Meru based women, chosen in regards to their capacity to pass on knowledge, either as individuals or as representatives of grassroot women self-help groups.


Through this intervention they will not only gain knowledge, but also build their self-esteem and better their communication and campaigning skills which will empower them to know and voice their rights as empowered citizens based on newly gained connections where to get help and audience.


This project is funded by the US Embassy Nairobi under its Small Grants Program.

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