Talanta Na Kazi (2019-2021)

An activity where the Performing Arts and tailormade Arts Self-Management training was used to Promote Entrepreneurship and Social Change amongst vulnerable youth in Nakuru Town.

More specifically, the project was designed to build the professional capacity of the participants, develop their skills with the goal of gainful employment in their respective fields, and teach them how to be leaders and agents of social change in their communities, creating an ongoing positive cycle that results in other generations’ enhanced lives and discourages them from falling into destructive or otherwise negative behavior and extremism.


In practical terms, Sarakasi developed a curriculum based in the participants needs. They were exposed to 12 months of training (one week each month) and tackled content like leadership, gender issues, business planning, marketing, intellectual property, amongst others.


The grants were awarded according to the business proposals that the participants wrote and pitched.

Some of the grant awardees include Rael Mose, who started her online boutique shop with the money, Teddy Odhiambo, who set up a theater company, and Ali Noor from Mazingira Youth Center, where they got funds for a toilet within their venue.

The project was hailed by the county governments of Mombasa and Kilifi, while the officials acknowledged the project as a great intervention, given the dire need for youth empowerment and specific projects that cater to the needs of the youth in the Coastal Region.


By being enrolled in this activity, the targeted youth had an opportunity to network amongst one another, which further enhanced their capacities.


This project connected the talented youth with mentors in Kenya and the USA, including artists, community leaders, rehabilitated convicts amongst others, thus creating a network that will continue to support positive community behavior and development.

The project ended in 2021, and 200+ participants graduated from the program, with the promise of empowerment, beyond skills, but also jobs in various capacities. At its closure, four $1,000 grant awards were given to deserving participants.

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